Katia Gosselin: From one place to another

Entre Havre-de-Paix et L’avenir is a story that traces a route through inhabited spaces, addressing themes relating to the vernacular, the symbolic, the ceremonial, the sacred and the sense of belonging. The book includes 20 images and texts inspired by the places I saw and conversations I had during the three-day residency in central Québec.” – Katia Gosselin

The following pages are extracts from the book Entre Havre-de-Paix et L’avenir

Livre-Wanderlust-presentation 3 Livre-Wanderlust-presentation 4 Livre-Wanderlust-presentation 5 Livre-Wanderlust-presentation 6 Livre-Wanderlust-presentation 10 Livre-Wanderlust-presentation 14 Livre-Wanderlust-presentation 15 Livre-Wanderlust-presentation 16 Livre-Wanderlust-presentation 18 Livre-Wanderlust-presentation 21 Livre-Wanderlust-presentation 22 Livre-Wanderlust-presentation 23

All images ©Katia Gosselin


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