Wanderlust is a thematic photography course that is inspired by the photographer’s desire to explore and make images of the world. From seeking intimate experiences in natural spaces to discovering new territories, the Wanderers of Concordia University are challenged to make art that is conceptually compelling and visually striking. In this class we meet to discuss the theoretical foundations of wandering; we go on dérives to experience the psycho-geography of the city and we create site-specific artworks framed by both time and space. Finally, the group partakes in a travel residency to create individual or collaborative photography projects. The goal is to direct students towards a longer journey with their art and in the world.

Wanderlust has traveled to Stanstead, QC. by the US border in 2017, L’Avenir, in Centre du Québec in 2015, The Laurentians of Quebec in October 2014, The Eastern Townships of Quebec in October 2013 and The St. Lawrence River, north Quebec City in March 2013.

Special thanks to 2013 Wanderlust T.A. Sara A. Tremblay, 2014 T.A. Maryse Goudreau, 2015 T.A. Lisandre St-Cyr Lamothe and guest artist Anne-Renée Hotte, and 2017 T.A. Corinne Beaumier and guest artist Alessia Pizzanelli!

Wanderlust group – March 2017, in Stanstead, Québec

Group pic

Wanderlust group – October 2015, in L’Avenir, Québec

Wanderlust class 2014

Wanderlust group – October 2014, in Mont Tremblant, Québec

Wanderlust group – October 2013, in Saint-Denis-de-Brompton, Québec

2013 Wanderlust Life

Wanderlust group – March 2013, in Ste-Ferréole les Neiges, Québec


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